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内容摘要:【按语】国际解剖学工作者协会联合会(International Federation of Associations ofAnatomists, IFAA)于1903年在瑞士日内瓦创立。现在的IFAA 由近百个会员国和7个国际学会组成,是全世界解剖学界的权威学术组织。中国解剖学会...

【按语】国际解剖学工作者协会联合会(International Federation of Associations of Anatomists, IFAA)于1903年在瑞士日内瓦创立。现在的IFAA 由近百个会员国和7个国际学会组成,是全世界解剖学界的权威学术组织。中国解剖学会于19858月在伦敦召开的第12IFAA大会上被接纳为IFAA的会员国,并于20148月在北京成功举办了第18IFAA大会。近日,IFAA会讯(IFAA Plexus)编辑部的Stephens博士来信,鼓励全球的解剖学同道们积极向该会讯投稿,并对相关问题予以了明确的说明。为了给我会的广大同道们提供更多宣传我们自己和让世界了解我们的机会,我会的国际交流工作委员会特将该信翻译并连同原文一起呈给大家。欢迎大家在了解情况后,积极撰写稿件并向会讯投稿。希望大家在投稿时自觉地严格遵守国家的有关法规、纪律和规定,努力避免出现任何差错。



IFAA Plexus大家庭祝愿您和您的亲人2021年享受健康、幸福与和平。

IFAA Plexus是国际解剖学工作者协会联合会(IFAA)的会讯,是一份开放并可自愿获取的通讯,旨在广泛传播解剖学科各个领域的相关信息。对于即将出版的春季会讯,欢迎您提交贵国学会活动的简要报告、拟在贵学会即将召开的会议上交流并经过审稿的摘要标题、即将举行的解剖学会议的广告、为您所在机构工作人员和研究助理的招聘信息等。我们还将考虑发表那些给编辑部发来的建议意见信以及我们所敬仰前辈逝世的讣告和关于他们的悼念文章。


所有在IFAA Plexus征稿范围并符合质量要求的投稿都将予以发表。

如想向春季会讯投稿,请务必在2021331日前将Word文档形式(解剖图除外)的稿件以附件的形式发送到此Email地址:stephenssg@cf.ac.uk  我们将不胜感激。




Shiby Stephens博士




Cardiff University(英国卡迪夫大学)

CF10 3AX

Phone: +44 (0)2920 875041

Email: stephenssg@cf.ac.uk

Dear Colleague,

The Plexus family wishes you and your loved ones a 2021 full of Health, Happiness, and Peace.

Plexus is the newsletter of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA). This is an open access newsletter designed for the widespread dissemination of relevant information within all anatomical disciplines. For the upcoming Spring issue, you are welcome to submit brief reports of the activities of your association, titles of abstracts presented at peer-reviewed meetings of your society, advertisements for upcoming anatomical meetings, any job openings in your institution, as well as calls for research assistants. We will also consider letters to the editor and obituaries honouring the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.

Participation is also invited from your medical and science students who might be particularly interested in this international publication. We welcome the submission of short (250 words max in Word document) reflective portfolios including poems that describe their experience with anatomy learning in either basic science or related clinical fields such as surgery or obstetrics and gynaecology. We are also interested in publishing anatomical drawings (to be sent as a PDF document).

All submissions that are considered within the scope of Plexus and meet quality expectations will be published.

If possible, we would appreciate receiving your submission by March 31st, 2021. Kindly send the article as an attachment to this email. We appreciate it if the attachments could be in Word document with the exception of anatomical drawings.


Looking forward to your kind response.


With warm regards,


Dr. Shiby Stephens


Clinical Anatomist and Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Sir Martin Evans Building

Cardiff University






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