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6th asia-pacific international congress of anatomy
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 Surabaya, 14/12/2010

 To whom it may concern,

 We are pleased to inform you that the upcoming congress of 6th APICA & 13th PIN-PAAI will be held in Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia on the 22nd – 23rd of July, 2011.

 We would like to invite you formally as one of the speakers/ oral presentation moderators/ presentation juries in this congress. Your lecture’s theme will be one of these themes: (1) clinical anatomy (2) cellular and biomolecular (3) radio-imaging anatomy.

 We are grateful for your kind willingness to give a voluntarily lecture/ to be a voluntarily moderator and/ or jury. We will provide the accommodation and will pick you up in the airport once you arrive (for the international speakers). For the speakers, please kindly complete the attachment form and fill the details on your lecture’s title and curriculum vitae.

 Thank you very much.

 Kind Regards,

 Viskasari P. Kalanjati, dr, M.Kes, P.hD

Vice Chairman II

6th APICA & 13th PIN-PAAI



Anatomy is one of basic medical sciences that fundamentally vital for the research development on solving human health problems. In these past centuries, anatomy has grown rapidly into many sub-specified fields including clinical anatomy, cellular and biomolecular anatomy, radio-imaging anatomy, which application in revealing many clinical problems have been shown to be pivotal. Research methods using animal and even plantation are helpful to answer many pathology occurred in human, especially when the use of human samples are sometimes not possible due to ethical matter.

In medical school, anatomy is a basic science taught and learned prior to the upper clinical level. In Indonesia, anatomy education has quite a long history, with many challenges emerge due to changes in curriculum and/ or needs. The need to adjust time allocation and subjects in anatomy education curriculum calls for urgent modification on how anatomy should be approached. The use of anatomy software, simulations with mannequins and using visual–auditory teaching method can be the alternatives to answer the problem. Problem based learning with clinical and updated anatomy knowledge approach can also be the answer. Additionally, the need to concurrently embrace basic research in cellular & biomolecular anatomy to better understand the pathophysiology is also indisputable. Thus, in this congress, we would like to welcome clinical anatomy, cellular and biomolecular anatomy and radio-imaging anatomy as the main theme, in hoping to stimulate further discussion and knowledge-sharing with other colleagues and students during the upcoming congress.  


The future of anatomy:

1.      Clinical anatomy

2.      Cellular and biomolecular

3.      Radio-imaging anatomy.

In the further paragraphs, these themes will be referred as theme 1, theme 2 and theme 3, respectively.


To nurture anatomy’s role in clinical problem solving for better health.


The aims of this congress are:

  1. to promote anatomy and research in clinical use to solve health problems through open-sharing of skills and knowledge amongst participants and lecturers

2.      to nurture networking between individuals and/ or institutions for better teaching, learning and research in anatomy and its branch fields.


This congress will be held on the 22nd - 23rd of July, 2011 in Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Address: Jl Mayjend Prof. Dr. Moestopo 47 Surabaya, Indonesia.


Before April 22nd, 2011

1.      International participants (non-student): 200 USD; student: 150 USD

2.      National participants: Rp 600,000; student: Rp 300,000.

After April 22nd, 2011

1.      International participants (non-student): 250 USD; student:  200 USD

2.      National participants: Rp 700,000.; student: Rp 350,000.

On site registration

1.    International participants (non-student): 300 USD; student: 250 USD

2.    National participants: Rp 800,000.; student: Rp 400,000.

Payment should be transferred to: DR. Abdurachman DR MKes.

Account number: Bank Central Asia (BCA) KCP Bangkalan A/C No. 1851111579.

Please confirm your payment by emailing the receipt to (student please attach your student ID card copy).


The sponsors will be given the opportunity to promote their products during the conference. Further information please contact us in


  • Scientific lectures by keynote speakers from local and international institutions (proposed lecturer and lectures are shown in the table below)
  • Papers as oral and poster presentations from speakers and/ or participants
  • Definitive programs will be coming soon (please see table below for tentative programs)
  • Pakar Anatomi (PA) & Pakar Anatomi Konsultan (PA-K) brevet award.

 Pakar Anatomi (PA) Brevet Award


  1. Member of  PAAI (Perhimpunan Ahli Anatomi Indonesia), and has paid membership fee for 3 years (2009-2011) (proven by payment receipt)
  2. Has been teaching Anatomy in educational institution for at least 5 years (proven by Surat Keputusan Pengangkatan/ SK Pengangkatan)
  3. Has participated three times in PIN or KONAS PAAI (including 13th PIN-PAAI, 2011) (proven by attending-certificate or payment receipt for the 2011 PIN-PAAI congress)
  4. Minimally has 2 publications as the first author in :
    1. a university research report/ thesis
    2. paper(s) published in Indonesian scientific journals that have ISSN
    3. paper(s) published in International scientific journals (not necessarily as the first author)
    4. scientific/ education book(s) with ISBN
  5. Recommendation letter from Head of Department/ Dean of Faculty
  6. Attending and/ or presenting in 6th APICA & 13th PIN-PAAI congress


Guidelines for abstract submission and poster display:

  1. Abstract must be submitted via email: before March 31st, 2011. Abstract submitted via fax or letter will not be accepted. Please notify us whether your abstract is aimed for oral or poster presentation, and whether it is submitted for competition. One person is only allowed to submit one abstract as the first author.
  2. All abstracts must be written in English.
  3. Abstracts must contain original material neither published nor presented elsewhere.
  4. Please structure your abstract using the following headings:
    • Title, capitalized each word, bold
    • Author(s), with underlined at the first author, surname followed by the abbreviation of first and middle name, detail affiliation of all author(s), institution, city, country, email of the presenting author.
    • Introduction/ background
    • Objectives
    • Methods and material
    • Results
    • Conclusion
    • Keywords, maximum 6 words
  5. The abstract may not be longer than 250 words, type in Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1.
  6. Abstracts will be selected using blind peer review method by at least 3 members of the program committee.
  7. Authors will be notified of acceptance on April 18th , 2011 by email.
  8. Abstract authors must register for the seminar before April 22nd, 2011 or advise us of withdrawal by this date. Authors with accepted abstracts are entitled to register as participants.
  9. If an abstract is accepted, the presenting author must attend the seminar and present it in person. Withdrawal abstracts and payment is not permitted.
  10. Poster should be displayed one day before seminar. Poster will be displayed by participants in person.


Size : up to size 100cm X 90cm

Topic     : Please choose sub-theme

1.      Clinical anatomy

2.      Cellular and biomolecular

3.      Radio-imaging anatomy

 Further info please contact:

Department of Anatomy and Histology
Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University

Jl. MayJend. Prof.Dr.Moestopo 47, Surabaya 60131, East Java, Indonesia
Phone (+62)-31-5053804  Fax. (+62)-31-5022075


Contact Person :

Sakina, dr (+62)-8121 735612

Viskasari P. Kalanjati, dr, M.Kes, PhD (+62)-881 3321337

Tri Hartini Yuliawati , dr, M. Ked (+62)-81-553265424


GUARDIAN BOARDS                        :                         Rector of Airlangga University

                                                Dean Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University

ADVISOR BOARDS                        :                        H. Abdoel Kamid Iskandar, dr., MS., PA(K)

                                                Prof. Dr. Mitsuhiro Kawata

                                                Prof. H. Ari Gunawan, dr., MS., Ph.D

                                                                                                Prof. H. Bambang Rahino Setokoesoemo, dr

                                                Prof. Dr. Bambang Prijambodo, dr., Sp.OT

                                                            Prof. Dr. Doddy M Soebadi, dr., Sp.B.,Sp.U(K)

                                                Prof. Rio Sofwanhadi, dr., PA(K)

                                                Prof. Sigit Muryono, dr., PA(K)

                                                Prof. Sudjono Aswin, dr., PhD

                                                Prof. Jurnalis Uddin, dr

                                                Prof. Dr. Yan Wirasti, dr., MS., PA(K)

 General Chairman                        :                        Dr. H. Abdurachman, dr., M.Kes., PA(K)


Vice Chairman I                                                                       :                        Dr. Widjiati, drh., M.Si       

Vice Chairman II                        :                        Viskasari P. Kalanjati, dr., M.Kes, PhD


Secretary                        :                          Dra. Myrtati Dyah Artaria,. MA, Ph.D                                                                                R. Moch. Wirono AS, dr., MS., PA

                                                Tri Hartini Yuliawati, dr., M.Ked            

                                                Desy Purwidyastuti, dr

                                                Rimbun, dr      

 Treasurer                        :                          Hj. Prijati Sri Irawati, dr., MS

   Eka Pramyrtha Hestianah, drh., MS

Lucky Prasetyowati, dr

Karnan Haryono

Funding and  the Exhibition                        :                         F.X. Tjatchrisanto Hudyono, dr., MS., PA

                                                Dra. Tania Ardiani Saleh Hariadi, MS

                                                Kusuma Eko Purwantari, dr

                                                Rudi Sukamto, drh,. MSc

                                                Gracia Angelina Hendarti, drh., M.Kes

                          Ibrahim, dr

Scientific Section                        :  , ;, ;, ;, ;                       Prof. Win Darmanto, Drs., M.Si, Ph.D

                                                Dr. H. Bambang Poernomo, drh., MS

                                                Dr., Dra. Toetiek Koesbardiati

                                                Dr. Soeharsono, drh., M.Si

                                                Ni Wajan Tirthaningsih, dr., MS., PA

                                                Pratiwi Soesilowati, drg., M.Kes., PA

                                                Epy Muhammad Luqman, drh., M.Kes

   Yeni Dhamayanti, drh., M.Kes

Sakina, dr

Lita Yustinasari, drh

 Publication and Documentation                        :                         Haryanto Alimsardjono, dr., PA

                                                Surya Kuncorojakti, drh

 Event organizer                        :                         Annisaa Chusida, drg., M.Kes

                                                Susy Kristiani, drg., M.Kes

                                                Hj. Iskantijah Budi Rahardjo, dr., MS., PA

                                                Subagjo, dr., MS., PA

                                                Sudibjo, dr., MS., PA         

                                                Fidya, drg

                                                Dewi Ratna Sari, dr

 Meals                        :                         Arni Kusuma Dewi, dr          

                                                Herin Setianingsih, dr., M.Kes

                                                Hj. Sri Amindariati, dr., MS., PA

                                                Riami, dr., M.Kes

                                                Diah Purwaningsari, dr., M.Kes

                                                Nita Pranitasari, dr., M.Kes      

   Venue, Transportation

And  Equipment                        :                         Joni Susanto, dr., M.Kes

                                                H. Chairul Anwar, drh., MS

                                                Bambang Sugeng H, drg                                                                                                              Miadi, S.Kep

                                                Endro Sugiarto

                                                Puji Prajitno

                                                Mardi Sudibyo


                                                Mochamad Rudi


                                                Sawukir Setjowijono




      Your participations are mostly welcomed and appreciated for the success of this congress.

 Sincerely Yours,

 Dr. Abdurachman, dr, M.Kes, PA(K)

General Chairman

6th APICA & 13th PIN-PAAI


July 22nd, 2011




07.30–08.30 am


08.30-09.00 am

Opening Ceremony

·          Report by General Chairman

Dr. Abdurachman, dr, M.Kes, PA (K)

·          Opening speech by Dean Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga  University  

Prof. Dr. Agung Pranoto, dr., MSc., Sp.PD, K-EMD., FINASIM

·          Welcome address and Opening remarks,   Rector of Airlangga University

Prof.  Dr. H Fasich, Apt


 09.00-09.30 am

Keynote Speaker : Prof. Mitsuhiro Kawata, MD, PhD (General chairman of APICA)

“The development of anatomy through Professional scientific organization”

09.30-10.00 am

Coffee Break


09.50-10.10 am

10.10-10.30 am

10.30-10.50 am


10.50-11.20 am

Plenary Session I : Clinical anatomy (Moderator : Prof. Bambang Rahino S, dr.)

Speaker I : Assc/ Prof Christopher Briggs, PhD (Australia)

Speaker II :  Prof. Dr. Doddy M. Soebadi, dr, SpU (Indonesia)

Speaker III :  Dr Peter Hudoba (Canada)



11.20-12.45 pm

Lunch  & poster presentation (odd numbers)


12.45-01.05  pm

01.05-01.25 pm

01.25-01.45 pm

01.45-02.05 pm


02.05-02.35 pm

Plenary Session II : Cellular & biomolecular anatomy (Moderator : Prof. Jeanne A Pawitan, dr., PhD)

Speaker IV: Bunyamin Setiawan, dr, PhD. (Indonesia)

Speaker V: Viskasari P. Kalanjati, dr, M.Kes, PhD (Indonesia)

Speaker VI: Djoko Santoso, dr, SpPD, Ph.D (Indonesia)

Speaker VII: Visiting Prof Yoshiyuki Tohno (Thailand)







02.35-03.35 pm




                                                     Parallel Session I

                                               Senior oral presentation





PIN-PAAI organiztion meeting session 1

Oral presentation (Moderator : Prof. Sigit Muryono, dr)

Dr Srijit Das (Malaysia)



Oral presentation (Moderator : Prof. Sudjono Aswin, dr.,)

Asc/ Prof  Heidari M. Hassan, PhD (Iran)




Oral presentation (Moderator: Prof. Hj. Eryati Darwin, DR, dr, PA(K))


Prof. Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh, MD (Thailand)







03.35-04.00 pm

Coffee Break





04.00-05.00 pm



             Parallel Session II

Oral presentation for competition

Oral presentation (Moderator : dr. Ni Wajan T, dr., MS, PA)



Oral presentation (Moderator : drg. Pratiwi, M.Kes)




Oral presentation (Moderator : DR. Dra. Toetik Koesbadiati)





PIN-PAAI organiztion meeting session 2

07.00-09.00 pm

Cultural night



























































July 23rd, 2011




08.00-08.05 am





08.05-08.25 am

08.25-08.45 am

08.45-09.05 am

09.05-09.25 am

09.25-10.00 am

Plenary session III: Clinical anatomy (Moderator : Prof Rio Sofwanhadi, dr.,SpBS)

Speaker VIII:  Jaime Pareda, Dr (Chile)

SpeakerIX: Prof. Dr. Teddy Ontoseno, dr., SPA (Indonesia)

Speaker X: Prof. Dr. Agus Abadi, dr. SpOG  (Indonesia)

Speaker XI: Maciej Henneberg, MSc (summa cum laude), PhD, DSc., FAIBiol



10.00-10.20 am

Coffee break


10.20-10.40 am

10.40-11.00 am

11.00-11.20 am


11.20-12.00 am

Plenary session IV: Radio-imaging anatomy (Moderator : Prof. Jurnalis Uddin, dr)

Speaker XII: Prof. Dr Abdul Hafid Bajamal, dr, SpBS (Indonesia)

Speaker XIII:  Paulus Rahardjo, dr, PhD (Indonesia)

Speaker XIV:  Prof  P. Gopalakhrisnakone (Singapore)






12.00-01.00 pm


Parallel session III

Senior oral presentation

Oral presentation (Moderator : Prof. Yan Wirasti, dr )


Prof Sofia Mubarika Harjana, dr, PhD (Indonesia)



Oral presentation (Prof. Ari Gunawan, dr., MS., PhD)






Oral presentation (Moderator : Prof. Win Darmanto )







APICA organization meeting

01.00-02.25 pm

Lunch and poster presentation (even numbers)



02.25-03.25 pm


Paralel session IV

Oral presentation for competition

Oral presentation (Moderator : Ahmad Aulia Yusuf, dr., PhD)




Oral presentation (Moderator : Rina Susilowati, dr., PhD)



Oral presentation (Moderator : Djoko Prakoso, dr., PhD)





03.25-04.25 pm

04.25-05.00 pm

Jury meeting for award-wi, nning

Award winning ceremony & closure



Dear Speaker,

We are grateful for your willingness to be one of the speakers/ moderator, s/ juries in 6th APICA & 13th PIN-PAAI congress. Your proposed time allocation to speak is shown on the tentative program pages. After completion of  below, personal details and state your willingness to be the speaker in this congress, please email it back to us in If you have further quarries, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat. Thank you very much.

 Kind Regards,


6th APICA & 13th PIN-PAAI


 CURRICULUM VITAE                  

         Date                                      :

Name         (with complete degree)                  :

         Institution                                      :

         Position                                         :

Place & Date of Birth                       :

         Phone                                            :

         Email                                              :

Here I declare that I am willing to be one of the speakers/ moderators/ juries in the 6th APICA & 13th PIN-PAAI congress (Yes/ No).

The title of my lecture is (for lecturer)...................................................................................................

 Sincerely yours,

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