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Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy
PublisherChangman zhou  Read1950times
As Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy, we are now organizing a joint meeting with 6 anatomical societies ( British & Irish, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss and Turkish) on 19 - 22 May, 2011 in Bursa - TURKEY.
Could you please help us distribute this news among the members of Chinese Society of Anatomy so that we could share both scientific and social merits together with Chinese anatomists?
The main title is Neuroanatomy (with special emphasis on neuroendocrinology), the subtitles are neuroanatomy education and neuroimaging.
Our web site ( ) is online and the deadline for abstract submission is 19th February, 2011.
I am sure many scientists from China would find the speakers and the topics interesting to listen and also to share their expertise on these topics.
Hoping to see you and as many anatomists as possible in Turkey,
Erdogan Sendemir
Congress President,
Vice President of Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy
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